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Shrek-tastic MST 3

"Oh, Arthur! Come out, come out wherever you are!" yelled Kit. The trio were now searching down the hall looking for Arthur.

Caroline: Still don't get why he scampered.

LJ: It'll be easier to rip off the movie if he does what he did in canon.

They turned a corner and that's when Kit found Arthur.

Caroline: Naked and crying. It was her lucky day.

The boy was hanging from a unlit torch that was several feet above the ground. In front of him was another student, grinning.

LJ: Interesting that it wasn't the nerds that got him here.

"Looks like you're going to be late for class, wyrm. About several hours, in fact if I leave you hanging around."

Caroline: Aren't wyrms fairly badass dragons? I know she was trying to all mythical, but "worm" would work better here.

Man, these kids are cruel. thought Kit. She walked up to them, remembering this time to half-close her eyes.

LJ: Really don't see how half closing her eyes would disguise them. At all.

"Excuse me, I need to talk to-"

"Hey! Look! Another loser to hang!" said the boy, seeing the girl as only another victim to harass.

Caroline: She's gonna get to kick ass. Woo and such.

"Look, I don't want any trouble, I just need to talk to Arthur." began Kit.

"Arthur? Why would you want to talk to that loser?" the student laughed.

LJ: Because in this girl's head, talking leads to sex. Heck, breathing leads to sex in this girl's head.

Out of nowhere, he swiped his hand at Kit, purposely trying to knock her gray cap off her head.

LJ: Because everyone in this world is a total ass.

"NO!" she yelled. From a sheer lightning-quick impulse, Kit grabbed her hat before it left her head, quickly putting it back on. She then hooked her left foot around the boy's right leg and at the same time pushed him back by the shoulders. This caused him to flip over backwards, landing hard on the ground, groaning in pain.

LJ: Gosh. Awesome.

Arthur watched all this in amazement. Kit turned to Arthur (still half-closing her eyes) and unlatched him from the wall.

Caroline: Be careful. Guys don't like girls who can crush them with one hand. I should know.

LJ: How would you know about what guys like?

Caroline: By watching your breeder movies.

"Uh... thanks." he said.

"No problem." said Kit, averting her eyes.

"I don't think I know you," said Arthur, "What's you're name?"

Caroline: Yes, what is you are name?

"It's Kit." she said, turning to look straight at him, and forgetting once again to hide her eyes. Oh shoot. she thought. Arthur saw.

LJ: That she was a Sue with horrible intentions?

The boy started stareing. "Your eyes... they're yellow!" he said, almost in horror.

Caroline: Ew, gross!

Kit was starting to get really tired of this. "I know... They're mine."

LJ: Heh.

Caroline: Hah. Hah hah! That was kinda funny! Go you!

she said, almost in a growling voice.

LJ: Ruined it.

She turned to leave.

Arthur realised that he had offended her, the one person who helped him.

Caroline: 'cause he's an ungrateful little jerk.

"S-Sorry. I didn't mean to insult you. Thanks again, Kit."

Kit's anger suddenly seemed to melt away. "You're welcome... By the way, could you meet me at the cafeteria hall at lunchtime tomorrow?"

Caroline: ...for sex?

Arthur was surrprised, but at the same time glad. He usually sat alone because no one liked him.

LJ: Why, exactly? This bothered me in the movie too. He had no real unlikeable qualities. He wasn't even that runt-y.

"Sure, I'll see you there." he replied.

"Alright." The two of them left in oppisite directions.

Caroline: Opposite has two Os in it.

LJ: Why are they heading in opposite directions anyway?

* * *

"What do you mean, 'you like him'?" It was the Stranger that Kit had seen earlier who said this. It was the middle of the night now, and Puss and Donkey were sleeping in the dormitory, while Kit sneaked back out to the jousting field to talk.

Caroline: I like the Stranger. I feel like she's going to be a bitch.

"What I said... I like him." whispered Kit, feeling ashamed.

LJ: As well she should.

"It won't make any difference, you know." replied the Stranger.

Caroline: Heh. Bitchiness confirmed.

"You're always so depressing."

"And you have no choice."

LJ: Make your time!

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Caroline: I'm pretty sure this counts as a review.


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