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Profile: Caroline
 Name: Caroline Asleif

Age: 34

Bio: Caroline was an accounts manager at a small law firm in New England when she unexpected ascended into Godhood during a yogurt break. Having inherited the powers of Thor, Caroline proceeded to travel to Asgard, defeat the Ice Giants, and have sex with her girlfriend. The Gods, satisfied that Caroline had fulfilled her mission, took back the power, leaving her once more a mere mortal, albeit a mere mortal with minor super strength and a taste for violence.  Caroline applied to the PPC to curb her taste for violence, though she's also looking for a chance to regain her lost Godhood. She hopes to work in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. 

Appearance: Caroline was a gym nut before becoming a god. She is over six feet tall and has very big arms.  Her face is somewhat hawkish, though she has a strong jaw. Her hair is a very light blonde and short, sticking up in odd directions. She likes to wear tank tops and big boots.  (I'll draw a picture soon.)

Weapons: Caroline likes fighting with her bare hands, though she prefers hammers when she can get them. She's always looking for an alternate reality mjolnir.

Powers: Caroline has minor super strength. (If she stretches first, she can pick up a VW Bug for a few seconds.) She also tends to conduct a lot of static electricity. This has never really been useful.

Lust Object: Tara Maclay, from BtVS.


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